Seamless Direct dApp Connectivity Across Chains
Nomos offers direct dApp interchain connectivity (Chain Abstraction as a Service) to ecosystems, chains, projects, and developers.
Tackling the
Toughest Challenges
in Chain Abstraction
Incompatible Messaging Protocols:
dApps require custom protocols to communicate across chains, needing extensive code changes.
Inconsistent Transaction Finality:
Varied finality times disrupt real-time interactions, critical for DeFi.
Complex State Verification:
Secure cross-chain operations struggle with efficient state proofs, leading to vulnerabilities.
Multi-Chain dApp Deployment:
Rebuilding infrastructure across chains is costly and inefficient, causing fragmentation.
What Chain Abstraction
isn't for NOMOS
From a User Perspective
  • Using multiple wallets isn't chain abstraction.
  • Ending on a different chain than the source isn't chain abstraction.
  • Needing multiple tokens for gas fees isn't chain abstraction.
  • Sacrificing your preferred ecosystem isn't chain abstraction.
From a dApp Perspective
  • Lack of direct communication between dApps across chains isn't chain abstraction.
  • Inability to perform transactions with dApps on different chains isn't chain abstraction.
From a Chain Perspective
  • Losing liquidity or users due to the solution isn't chain abstraction
NOMOS Chain Abstraction
As a Service
Message Translation:
Efficient smart contracts for low-cost message translation.
Transaction Finality:
Robust contracts and bridge finality solutions like Union ensure consistent transaction finality.
State Verification:
ICQ CosmWasm/Solidity smart contracts for accurate message and amount verification.
Multi-Chain Deployment:
Interchain Account (ICA) controller supports diverse applications for seamless dApp deployment.
Protocols That Are Already Trusting Us
Join the Innovators Who Are Elevating Their Blockchain
Capabilities with Nomos
"Nomos is revolutionizing asset security on Archway with its super account interoperability and adept utilization of the chain's value capture feature. They are crafting breakthrough technology that positions Archway as a central hub protocol within the Cosmos ecosystem. Nomos's innovative approach is setting new standards for blockchain efficiency and integration."
Griffin Anderson
CEO and Founder of Phi Labs
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